Saturday, April 9

Too Fast, Too Soon

A best friend may come in all things you meet everyday
Your laptop where you can share everything through its keys
A small book where you may write every piece of feeling
An old motorcycle that you ride to wherever you go
And even a little dog

She's just an ordinary dog
People are not able to sell her for million rupiah
or send her to a dog contest

She's just a dog
with black and white curly hair
small eyes and round body

You laugh at her when she comes to you with her pure eyesight
You smile at her when she licks your fingers
She is by your side when you walk around
For sure, she is always there
standing beside an old chair,
waiting you everyday

When she goes
You'll never think that you cannot find her anymore
When you look at the old chair
There's no laugh anymore
When you sit on the old chair
No one licking your fingers
When you walk around
No one walking beside you

Yes, she's just a dog
Yet, you never think that she has given you much happiness
more than you ever know
And you are hurt much
realizing that you cannot lend any help and only say "too fast, too soon"

After a day of silence
You suddenly think that that's just life
You cannot win every single battle you face
And you can only thank for the happiness a best friend has shared
and for the pain of losing

In memoriam of Moeynahan Uznich Spears a.k.a Miyatun


Anonymous said...

Anjingnya mati? Atau ilang?

nDaru said...

@ bang dewo
mati bang, kena parvo

Anonymous said...

Ndaru pakabar?

-ti tasik

Cari Kontrakan Jogja said...

Ayo dapatkan buku-buku terbaru dengan diskon meledak hanya di :

The Bitch said...

in case you forget, hit me up di twitter @pitoist.